A human-size agency to guide you through your digital communication.


Digital strategy

Let us define the online communication strategy tailored to your goals and budget.

Community management

We create your social media accounts, we develop and engage your community.

Content creation

Articles, images, videos. We create original and quality media content, SEO optimized.

Digital strategy

What is at stake for your company ? What are your targets ? What values would you like to promote ? What is your visibility on the web ? What are your competitors doing ? What social media you want to focus on and why ? What type of content should you publish ? How often ?

MEDIA WORK LAB will be happy to advise and assist you effectively to approach quietly online marketing in your company.

▷ Defining your goals.

▷ Analyzing your online reputation and the one of your competitors

▷ Determining your resources.

▷ Selecting the most suitable media for your business, your industry, your strategy or your ambitions.

▷ Developing a relevant content strategy and its periodicity.

▷ Budget recommendation.

Community management

What are the latest changes introduced by Facebook and Twitter ? What's the impact of the new Google algorithm ? Do you know the average duration of an online video viewing ? The Community manager knows all this. Forget the "trainee" cliché. Creating social profiles requires skills ; keeping them alive also requires time and dedication. 

MEDIA WORK LAB sets up and optimizes social profiles on which you are planning to communicate. Are you out of time or lacking expertise to enliven your pages and develop your community ? We can do that for you. And we love it !

▷ Creating pages and accounts : defining the editorial and graphic charter

▷ Monitoring : your reputation and your competitors.

▷ Managing social media : relevant content proposals.

▷ Comment Moderation : forwarding to the relevant service or person.

▷ Periodic Reporting : statistics and analysis.

▷ Visibility : promote your social medias.

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Content creation

Your presence on the web is more of a means to an end rather than an end in itself. "Content is king" and without it, your media is just an empty shell. It is therefore essential to publish : a post, a tweet, a picture on your Facebook page, an online video, etc.

MEDIA WORK LAB creates a quality editorial and visual content, by controlling publishing standards, aesthetic formats, optimal calibration and obviously, media-specific SEO tools.

▷ Writing : news article, institutional news, product test, interview, advertorial, press release, etc. – Text and photos.

▷ SEO Rewriting : optimize your existing content to make them more dynamic and improve their search engines ranking.

▷ Video Production : shooting movies for web & social media.

▷ Editing with Final Cut Pro X and exporting to any format.

▷ Website creation : a personalized and professional platform fully dedicated to the communication of your company.




Yamaha Marine France

Community management

Management of Yamaha Motor Europe NV succursale France social media (Marine products : Outboards / Waverunners® / Boats).

Imperatrice Design

Website design

www.imperatricedesign.com website refit – 2020

John Rubel

Community management / Website design

Creation & management of John Rubel social media – High Jewelry. (2015 – 2017)

www.johnrubel.com website refit. (2019)


Community management

PR Media Advisor for the company.

Management of iPlayMe2 social media – Sport application.

Medtronic Diabètes BELUX

Community management

Creation & management of MedtronicDiabetesBELUX social media.

March – July 2019

Florida Brokers & Partners

Digital strategy & community management

Creation of Florida Brokers & Partners social media.

July – september 2019

Rhiza Paris

Website design

Creation of Rhiza Paris website

November 2019




Digital native, techie & globetrotter.

Digital strategy & social media expert.

Founder-Director of Media Work Lab freelance agency.

Over 10 years of editorial and communication experience.

Graduate in multimedia journalism, community management, FCPX video editing and Tourism.

Julien Bricco

Social Media manager


Avenue du Maréchal, 29

1180 Brussels – Belgium 

+32 477 84 13 73